Fringe Dog meets Mog the Forgetful Cat

In a meeting of minds, Edinburgh's canine journalist cross examines everyone's favourite tabby

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Mog the Forgetful Cat
Photo by Manuel Harlan
Published 31 Jul 2023

cats have a reputation for being curious. what are you most curious about seeing and doing in edinburgh ???

I am extremely curious about which Pleasance venue is the most pleasant and whether there is a Winterhall. Although I do get quite freaked out when things are covered in snow.

you've been labelled forgetful. what's the most important thing you've ever forgotten ??!

I would love to tell you that but I can’t remember. 

in the spirit of friendship between cats and dogs, do you plan to visit the statue of greyfriars bobby ???

Of course, I can’t wait to rub its nose with my nose, I think that’ll be cute. 

when i'm dog-tired i have a catnap. have you ever learnt a handy habit from dogs ?!?

I wouldn’t say it’s handy exactly but sometimes when I forget my cat flap I get caught in the rain and then I smell like a wet dog. 

Fringe Dog, by Lauren Hunter

at my v-e-t's they have one waiting room for dogs and one for cats. is this a sensible policy or do you prefer it when we all muck in together ??! 

I would prefer to stay as far away from the V-E-Ts as possible, no matter what the waiting room arrangements are. That place is hell. 

i read you had a run-in with a burglar. how exciting! have you ever been tempted by a life of crime, maybe becoming a cat burglar ?!?

I don’t want to steal any cats. I would prefer to be an egg burglar please. 

a popular cat stereotype is that you are independent and aloof. i've sometimes wondered if you secretly enjoy cuddling up with someone (when nobody's watching!). is that true ???

My owner has a hat that she keeps on a chair and I really like cuddling that hat. It’s so pretty. 

if i replaced my chewed tennis ball with a yarn of wool, would you like to join me for a game of fetch in edinburgh ?!?

If you give me a boiled egg I’ll play fetch whenever you fancy. 


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