Perfect Day: Rosalie Minnitt

The character comedian's Lady Clementine has the best supporting cast in Edinburgh. Her Sylvanian Families took us around the city

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Rosalie Minnitt
Photo by Ben Meadows
Published 09 Aug 2023

What does a perfect day in the life of the Clementine cast look like up in Edinburgh?

These woodland-based thespians take their fringe debut roles in Clementine very seriously indeed. That means that late-night merriment is off the table; it is in fact stated quite clearly in their contracts that side-quests, whimsical misadventures and fanciful romps are to be kept to an absolute minimum. Let these little lunatics loose in a karaoke booth and you’ll have a full-scale riot on your hands before you can cue 'Price Tag'. (They’re all huge Jessie J fans).

Performers need to be in peak condition and no one knows that more than this bucolic bunch, so, like the band of brothers they are, they’ll kick their day off with a light jog up the stairs and back. That’s the equivalent of Arthur’s Seat for them! On an average day, breakfast consists of four dozen eggs – Gaston-style – a whole rotisserie chicken, and a pint or four of Edinburgh’s finest mead. Each. It’s important to keep their pre-show diets light, after all.

Photo by Lauren Hunter

Next, it’s warm-up time. Their backstage rituals are famed across the comedy kingdom for being, well, a little unconventional. After some serious stretching led by Louis Spence and Louis Theroux (as ever, just there to observe) the team will recreate their favourite scenes from Twilight and play a quick-fire game of Boar on the Floor. It’s unconventional but boy does it get results.

They’ve offered to flyer but, between the overexcitable a cappella teens and jumpy improv troupes, it’s clear that the Royal Mile is no place for these little fellows. So, it’s off to Underbelly in a stretch limo for their curtain call. After another few dozen rotisseries, the show will, naturally, be a resounding success and, after three standing ovations and at least two encores, they’ll greet their adoring fans at the stage door and graciously accept the many, many gifts, offerings and jewels thrust into their little paws.

Photo by Lauren Hunter

Some of the cast, like Giles, are taking a more method approach to the show and have been living the life of regency aristocrats for the last six months. As such, their Fringe schedule will look a little bit different to the rest of us. Giles certainly won’t be mixing with the riff raff of George Square and will most likely be found taking a toasty soak in the period town house he’s rented for the month before printing a few pithy pamphlets and then drunkenly stumbling into a local opium den.