Kid Critic Review: Denim: The Denim Juniors

Eve Green, age nine, is inspired by cabaret troupe Denim's first foray into work for younger audiences

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Published 05 Aug 2018

What happens in the show?

Five rock star sisters sing an epic bunch of songs. First they sing a song each then one of them tells a story. 

Describe the show in five words.
Funny, inspirational, fun, groovy, sweet.         

What did you like most about the show?
The songs because they were funny and cheerful.        

If there was something the performers could have done better next time, what would it be?
Involve more people in the audience.

What was your favourite moment in the show?

When the character with the blue wig got shy.

What did your grown-up think of the show?
My granny thought the singers in Denim were all good at their different parts and worked well as a team. They also sang well. She liked some of  the songs, especially the cheerful ones. She quite enjoyed the show but it wasn't really her sort of thing! 

Would you tell your friends to come and see the show? 
Yes, definitely for friends age 6-12.