Kid Critic Review: The Time Machine by The Scientific Romance Theatre Company

Alice McGuire, age 11, was transported by this adaptation of the classic story by H.G. Wells

feature (edinburgh) | Read in About 2 minutes
Published 15 Aug 2018

What happens in the show?
The Time Traveller has a time machine, and with it he goes 1 million years into the future. While he's there his machine is stolen and this show is the adventures he has trying to find it.

Describe the show in five words
Time-bending, puppetry, funny, Victorian, scientific.

Who was your favourite character, and why? 
Weena was my favourite character because she was funny, not understanding everyday words/concepts like ‘idea’ and asked lots of very obvious questions.

Were there any characters you didn’t like, and why?
I wasn’t so keen on the Morlocks, simply because the puppets were really creepy.

What did you like most about the show? 
I liked how the actors interacted with the puppets and thought it was impressive how they didn’t need that many actual humans to make the show work.

If there was something the performers could have done better, what would it be? 
A life sized time machine would be cool!

What was your favourite moment in the show?
I liked when the leader of the Morlocks spoke for the first time as I wasn’t expecting him to have a Scottish accent!

What did your grown-up think of the show? 
My dad said: “They did a great job of making this classic tale easy to enjoy for all ages, with a lovely mix of storytelling and puppetry. We could’ve done with a bit more dramatic peril, with the fear of what might happen if he didn’t find the time machine, but that’s a small quibble with a show that managed to bring to life the first ever science fiction novel on a very simple stage.”