Kids Critics: Lightning Ridge

Phoebe, 10, went to a children's show about grief that made her dad cry

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Lightning Ridge
Photo by Brian Hartley
Published 06 Aug 2023

What happens in the show?

There’s a mum, a dad and two children. The dad wanted to move to a place in Australia called Lightning Ridge because he wanted to find opals which even in Lightning Ridge were impossible to find (cos he’s an idiot). The younger daughter had two “imaginary” friends, as soon as the dad found out he went crazy for them and even gave one of them a birthday cake. One day they went missing and the whole town got involved in looking…

What did you like most about the show?

I liked how they didn’t have many props so they just improvised with a lot of things like chalk, buckets, pebbles, boots and flowers. They even had a bicycle wheel.

Was there anything you didn’t like?

I didn’t like how there were so many childhood deaths. I mean, I get that they wanted to tell a story about grieving but they could have had a grandparent death instead!

What did your grown-up think?

He thought it was very sad because he cried A LOT!

Would you tell your friends to go?

I think I would tell some of my friends because some of them would like it but not all of them because some of them would think it was as sad as I did.