Kids Review: Fox-tot!

Our top critic Oran, age 13 months, goes to the opera with his grown-up

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Photo by James Glossop
Published 07 Aug 2019

What happens in the show?

It’s a multi sensory rite of passage baby opera! A young Fox is sent out into the world by his Mother Vixen to take on different forms (cat, butterfly, frog) and be periodically assaulted by toddlers, while singing.

Describe the show in five words

Opera but with rampaging toddlers

Who was your favourite character and why?

Mother Vixen – the babies are mesmerised by mezzo soprano Katie Grosset. Fox as a beautiful beautiful butterfly was also very fascinating.

Were there any characters you didn't like?

No they were all very very interesting, designed with different shapes and fabrics to be as engaging as possible for 1-2 year olds.

What did you like most about the show?

Throwing leaves, bashing other babies, slowly but surely advancing on the cast as they determinedly sing opera.

What didn't you like about the show?

It took a little while to warm up to the space and explore, but after about 15 minutes the babies owned the set and were ready to maraud.

If there were songs or music in the show, what did you think of it/them?

It’s ‘proper opera’ written with this particular development stage in mind. Oran generally loved them – the cello was particularly interesting.

What did your grown-up think of the show?

Loved it. Watching some opera singers performing at the highest level while being slowly attacked by a gang of toddlers is honestly brilliant.

Would you tell your friends to come and see the show?

Yes! I already have.