Kids Review: Sea Dragon For Under 5s

Emerald, two-and-a-half-years old, dives in for an underwater adventure

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Sea Dragon, image courtesy of Pleasance
Published 09 Aug 2023

What happens in the show?

At the beginning, we meet three kelpies, who look a bit like the Muppets. They call their friend, Kipper the Sea Dragon, to help them bring colour back to the coral reefs in the ocean. Kipper swims through the ocean and asks lots of friends - like some seahorses, a starfish and a jellyfish - for help. 

What did you like most about the show?

There are lots of puppets and songs in Sea Dragon For Under 5s, and lots of fun things to play with. When you go in, you're given a shiny bag full of colourful and noisy things that you're asked to take out at different points in the show. It was really fun, and I got a sticker at the end.

Was there anything you didn’t like?

No. I thought I might be a bit scared of the dragon before the show, but he was really nice and friendly. 

What did your grown-up think?

My mummy liked playing with the toys in the sack as much as I did, and she liked that there was a pianist playing live on stage. 

Would you tell your friends to go?

Yes, especially the ones that like songs and puppets. We're also going to tell our baby friends about Sea Dragon for Babies, which happens right after this show at 11am.