Review: Fun Kids Radio's Epic Roadshow Adventure by Fun Kids Radio

An hour filled with variety that could use more creative spark

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Published 10 Aug 2018
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Fun Kids Radio are live and in person for this interactive show. Presenters Bex and Dan need the audience’s help to make it as successful as possible so that they don’t loose their jobs. The trouble is that it keeps going wrong. 

Audience members are an essential part of the show, and one would want a little more flexibility in some of this participation. It feels at times like slots are being filled without the kids fully understanding why what they're doing matters to the plot. This is partly down to the plot itself, which feels at times too convoluted for the younger kids to follow. However, they're provided with a variety of activities in the auditorium and on stage, which keeps the hour filled with fun.

Structured like a radio programme, the hour is divided into sections, like "story", "game" and "song". Relying on the premise of a presenter's plan falling through and needing audience members to save the day does become repetitive, but the participation sections are very nicely handled, including those for which adults need to step up on stage. Bex and Dan provide great energy and silliness too.  

This show has many, many puns, many of which were lost on the children. It is, after all, a show that’s aimed at 3+. Less of a focus on word-based humour would work better for the whole audience, but pun-loving parents will have a lot to enjoy. Although it could use more creative spark, this roadshow adventure manages to entertain and put the whole audience in a good mood.