Review: Splash Test Dummies

Be sun smart, see Splash Test Dummies

kids review (edinburgh) | Read in About 2 minutes
Published 08 Aug 2018

Did you know that there's a disco version of Sesame Street's 'Rubber Duckie' from the album Sesame Street Fever? Because there is and it's glorious. Thank you to Splash Test Dummies for introducing us to that. 

Shadow puppets, water pistols, Baywatch running and a fight with a skeleton – this show has everything. It's billed as a kids show but there will never be an age where hitting a giant inflatable ball that's been chucked into the audience, or bubbles, or watching a grown man be hit with a giant foam finger isn't funny. There's something for everyone, and you'd be remiss not to notice the incredible skill that goes into the work. 

Jamie Bretman, Simon Wright and Jack Coleman make the most technically challenging tricks look like they’re just goofing about and it makes Splash Test Dummies all the more enjoyable to watch. The synchronised swimming on unicycles is enormously impressive as they hop up and down, and hold each other on their shoulders while riding, and yet their hapless expressions look as though it’s something that’s happened accidentally. It’s a world away from the serious-faced acrobats you’re perhaps used to seeing at the circus.

Towards the end some of the children do get a bit restless, which makes the atmosphere a little tense. There's definitely the odd scene, like the juggling, that could probably be cut to save on time but really this show is just plain joyous.

The Trash Test Dummies are back in Edinburgh with their new show.