The Chronicles of Bitter and Twisted

Ben Salters, 10, shares his thoughts on a modern re-write of The Ugly Duckling

kids review (edinburgh) | Read in About 1 minute
Published 09 Aug 2011

This is a puppet show describing a modern version of The Ugly Duckling, and it's a funny act for all ages. The setting had movable parts, so a screen at the back could be seen with a projector behind it. The actors used silhouettes to make shapes. Bitter the Duck was wearing a hoody, which I think made it that extra bit for kids. They were very talented comedians, switching voices from ducks to geese to swans. The puppets were very convincing and their actions matched with the actors' expressions.

The thing I probably liked the most was how it changed from puppets to the actors, who were bird watchers. The things I noticed that weren't so good were that one of the puppets fell apart during the show, and one of the actors sometimes forgot his lines. I recommend it for boys and girls of all ages who are interested in a comedy act.