A Bit of an Overshare

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Published 16 Aug 2015
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"I don't know how to be a diva," sings Claire Healy at the start of her show. The Australian singer-songwriter makes the perfect anti-hero, dishing out embarrassing stories, like the time when she confessed that she loved her boyfriend more than flying business class. It might not have been very romantic at the time, but it's resulted in one of the most heartfelt songs of the Fringe.

Healey's music and lyrics are sharp and witty. She skilfully describes the pressure of looking at friends' photos on social media ("something I never wanted to do, but know I want to be you") without being pedantic. And keep an ear out for 'The Aldi Isle of Wonder', which might change your shopping habits. Healy is at her best when she gives her sentimental side the stage in 'Open Spaces, a song that unnerves and comforts at ths same time. It's just a shame that it ends up in an awkward and pointless singalong. She has quite a few of those, and forcing the audience to hold hands for no specific reason doesn't win any sympathy.

Because Healy is safely sheltering behind her piano, she loses the connection with her public. Her sometimes clumsy playing gets in the way of her performance, so it would be good to see a pianist here, giving her personality the space it deserves. Healy might not know how to be a diva just yet, but she certainly has the potential to become one.