Cat Loud's Big Night In

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Published 14 Aug 2015
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This is a wonderfully intimate cabaret from Catriona MacLeod, a warm and loveable young woman from the Hebrides who's longing for love and success in the big city. It's her first show, but she sets the bar high. With her warm voice, MacLeod effortlessly sings a handful of classics and says some funny stuff in between.

But she's tired of trying hard and tired of herself, and what she really craves is a night in. Not alone though, so she takes her audience home. There she turns from a glamorous wannabe diva into lass in a onesie. Her narrative lacks clarity and needs a bit of work, but in the songs she really shines. Her frail rendition of Billy Joel's 'She's Always a Woman' is touchingly perfect.

Much credit goes to her very effective and skilled pianist Finn Anderson, who gives the performance a strong musical backbone – and who sings very well himself. He plays such a big part in the show that they're almost a duo, which would be interesting to see too. But for now, MacLeod is a leading lady with Bette Midler-style ambition. There's only one problem when this short cabaret show reaches its finish: you're left hungry for more.