Ivy Paige: Filthy Rich

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Published 09 Aug 2015

Ivy Paige, cabaret singer and get-rich-quick guru, invites you to join her for the Filthy Rich programme, offering a range of sure-fire tips to stack up some cash – through the medium of song, obviously. Essentially, it boils down to “sell it all – your souls, your bodies, even your kidneys”. It's a raucously innuendo-laden, late-capitalist burlesque for late-night audiences.

The tunes are brilliantly arranged and performed, from her obligatory take on Abba's Money Money Money to a slow-tempo rendition of Kylie Minogue, and a nod to Rihanna's recent blood-soaked-cash video for Bitch Better Have My Money.

Like many evening shows on the Fringe, how much fun you have may depend on how much you've had to drink beforehand – most of Paige's punchlines come back to well-worn sex jokes, and the hint of a little political satire isn't taken much further than the implication that all politicians are money grabbers. She's best when she strays off-script and heads into the audience, lying across the front row, pulling up a nervous young lad for a strip-tease, or dealing with a group of drunken hecklers who insist on singing along.

Paige is clearly an accomplished talent, but hasn't delved deep enough into her concept to take it much further than a series of thematically linked songs. An anarchic flavour to the proceedings brings an unpredictable charm, but there's also the pervading sense that Paige is capable of producing a wittier, darker and more daring version of the show than its current form.