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Yearning for a good tune to reinvigorate the soul? We've drummed up some highlights

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Published 16 Jul 2016
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Graeme Stephen's Metropolis

Watching Fritz Lang's 1927 silent film Metropolis is a crazy enough experience as it is. Add a live jazz soundtrack from Scottish composer Graeme Stephen, performed with the assistance of string quartet ZAPP 4 and drummer Tom Bancroft and you've got yourself one hell of an evening. 

Summerhall, 10:15pm, 18-20 August


All the fun of karaoke with none of the humilation, this event will have you bellowing out your favourite tunes alongside a whole crowd of other talented (and not so talented) warblers. Expect comedians like Al Murray and Aisling Bea joining as guest stars alongside the rocking live band. 

Gilded Balloon Teviot, 12:00am, 5-28 August, not 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23

Lady Rizo: Multiplied

The hugely charismatic American cabaret singer returns with a new set of songs—pop hits plus some originals—that respond to a big change in her life: becoming a mother. 

Assembly Checkpoint, 6:55pm, 16-28 August, not 22

Hackney Colliery Band

The UK's favourite brass band is back at the Fringe after a triumphant debut in 2015, bringing their trademark blend of original rock, pop, jazz and soul tunes—plus a few surprising covers—to audiences up for a party. 

Assembly George Square Gardens, 7:00pm, 19-21 August

Orkestra del Sol & The Jellyman's Daughter

Rumour has it that Orkestra del Sol have made corpses dance in the past. OK, we made that up. But their combination of pumping brass rhythms, gypsy jazz, soul, wailing solos and wiggling their instruments round like they just don't care really make for an evening of unbridled joy.

Summerhall, 6:00pm, 12 August


So, obviously this is sold out, what with it being the Californian indie group's only Scottish date in 2016. Literally, the only day in Scotland to hear their critically acclaimed fusion of synthy rock and sweet Americana. But, there's rumours of a further release of tickets in August, so keep clicking refresh on the Summerhall website.

Summerhall, 8:00pm, 22 August

Kathryn Joseph + The Anchoress

Winner of the 2015 Scottish Album of the Year, Kathryn Joseph needs precious little introduction. Once heard, that voice is never forgotten. She's joined by The Anchoress, aka the Welsh musician and writer Catherine Anne Davies. Lyrically beguiling, both, and each musically unique.

Summerhall, 7:00pm, 6 August

Cathedral Celebrity Organ Recitals

Really, anything going on at St Mary's Cathedral—often for free—is worth a look. They've a full programme of festival recitals, detailed at It's an extraordinary space for peaceful reflection – except maybe when the swell on the "Father" Willis organ is open full throttle.

St Mary's Cathedral, 4:45pm, 7, 14, 21 August