Review: Tinderbox Orchestra

An expansive orchestral swell

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Published 25 Aug 2022
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The Tinderbox Orchestra’s 24-piece ensemble of talented musicians curate an evening with grassroots significance. Each piece is introduced with various stories as to how they were devised, covering anything from youth outreach to political conflicts. Hosting a different musical artist each night, tonight’s feature – Culture Clan – are a young rap duo with grassroots focus in the local community. The spoken word is energetically supported by the Tinderbox Orchestra combining Culture Clan’s clever rhyming schemes with their big band rhythms.

Graham Coe’s voice during their own composition for the orchestra is a highlight. There is a final surprise in the form of drummers from Kathputli Colony, an extraordinary community of traditional artists in Delhi. Jack Nissan’s group of young artists is essential in bringing music to the local community. Some of the orchestrations will stay with you longer than others, but when it works the expansive orchestral swell is one that resonates.