Fest Best: On Your Own

There's some cracking shows that don't require you to interact with any one at all

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Published 27 Jul 2011

Alma Mater

5-29 Aug , Remarkable Arts, St George’s West, times vary, £5

The innovative and original premise of Fish & Game’s Fringe debut, Alma Mater, which has been dubbed a "filmic tour for one", fuses traditional performance with the latest in consumer technology, thanks to its use of contemporary electronics – in this case, an iPad.

Lasting just ten minutes, individual audience members will watch the play in a specially-constructed child’s bedroom. A very alternative take on the mysteries of growing up.

Blood & Roses

5-27 Aug, Remarkable Arts, St George’s West, times vary, £12 -£15 (£10)

This intriguing piece from Poorboy—a professional company based in the North East of Scotland—takes individual audience members on an interactive journey via an MP3 player, spinning a yarn that spans 400 years in the process. It’s a revival of a hit show from 2010, so comes as a great second opportunity to be part of an intense and highly atmospheric theatrical experience.

g(Host) city

1 Aug – 4 September, Virtual Festival, times vary, not ticketed

G(Host) City is somewhat of a groundbreaking event: there are no tickets, no starting times and no queues. This mini-festival is comprised of a site-specific virtual tour of the city, and can be conducted by anyone themselves, for free, by downloading a particular performance onto their MP3 player. Expect a tour of Edinburgh's streets told through their stories.