Review: Clown Sex

The dark recesses of human desire

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Image courtesy of Pleasance Theatre
Published 07 Aug 2023

Echoing through plugholes, trickling down leaking pipes, and straight from the deviant’s mouth, Clown Sex is a triptych of lust, taboo and sexual euphoria.

The show comes from the warped mind of Natasha Sutton Williams, taking on the persona of Gary Strange who has moved into London’s sewer system. Here, he has a worm’s-eye view of his neighbours’ carnal lives, which he shares with lascivious relish.

A primary teacher stuck in a rut, who simply cannot stop thinking about cock as she shepherds kids through the school day. A wannabe CEO using the guise of eccentricity to confess her worst carnal sin. Gary’s own story of fulfilling his biggest kink, sliding head(s) first into a clown. It is raw, it is twisted, it is utterly addictive.

Sutton Williams finds the edge of decency and hurls us all over, warping from character to deranged character as she does. Clown Sex is Roald Dahl on viagra, a dark carnival of debauchery that’s heart-clenchingly visceral whether you want it or not.

By delving into the darker recesses of human desire, Clown Sex celebrates sexuality, fetish, pushing the line, indulging in what truly turns us on, regardless of whether the results are orgasmic or horrific.