Review: I've Got Some Things To Get Off My Chest

An articulate and comedic exploration of an underfunded healthcare service for women

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Eva Lily
Photo by Justine Matthew
Published 06 Aug 2023

Eva Lily's bra size is 38K. That's equivalent to two and a half bottles of tequila, and its doing a number on her back. She's tired of the stares, being fetishised, and cute clothes not fitting. Even finding correctly-sized bras at all is a nightmare. Hoping she'd be an obvious candidate for breast reduction surgery, she decides to speak to her doctor about starting the referral process. She finds this is far from simple and straightforward, and the whole frustrating experience becomes the basis for this solo performance.

As much as this is a comedic, autobiographical show, it's also a pointed campaign against NHS funding cuts and medicine's poor treatment of women's bodies. Before she is granted a referral, Lily gets put on an NHS diet plan, goes through physio, and receives therapy. Each of these reinforces patriarchal ideals of a woman's body and expectations that women with bodies that don't conform to these ideals, must hate themselves. Lily actually quite likes her body, but just wants to not have to deal with the constant problems her breasts cause. 

Lily is friendly and charming, which immediately gets the audience on side. Though she's often earnest, she effectively articulates the experience of navigating healthcare as a woman. Jokes and rage are well-balanced, and the gamification of one scene is particularly slick. Though structurally it would benefit from further polish, the advocacy for properly funding women's healthcare clearly comes across.