Review: Oh My Heart, Oh My Home

Intimate and wistful tale from a talented designer and storyteller

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Oh My Heart, Oh My Home
Photo by Paul Baker
Published 16 Aug 2023

A large doll’s house sits inconspicuously in the Summerhall basement as the audience are ushered in, welcomed by the warm energy of writer and designer Casey Jay Andrews. From the outset, she provides us with two pieces of information: that she’s never seen a shooting star and that her sister is an astrophysicist, details that gradually become relevant as the story progresses.

The doll’s house is constructed with intricate details in each room, old films projected onto a fabric that initially covers the house, as if hiding its secrets. Bit by bit, Andrews reveals each room alongside a portion of the story, gently inviting us further and further into this folkloric world of shooting stars, unbreakable bonds and precious memories. 

“The meteorite shook the ground as it landed,” Andrews says, weaving her sweet and wistful tale about the aftermath of a meteorite landing on a family home. There are moments where the narrative becomes slightly disconnected in its pacing but Andrews always skillfully returns to her focus on nostalgia and this idea of finding solace amongst the chaos of life. 

There’s a real intimacy in her storytelling too, amplified by live music and mixing on stage which naturally draws you into the cosy atmosphere of the house and the clearly loving relationship between grandfather and granddaughter. Anyone that understands the value of having a safety net or a place of sanctuary will appreciate the emphasis on comfort and belonging in this fantastical fable.