Escape Room: Prison Break

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Sentenced to life for crimes you never committed, every tick of the clock echoes the weight of injustice. You have only 45 minutes to rewrite your fate.

Venture deep into the heart of the Migration Museum, where history's whispers blend with the cold steel of old prison cells. Once a testament to migration tales, these chambers now imprison your hopes. Handcuffed, with the keys cast into oblivion, you must rally your team. Together, sift through remnants of the past, decode cryptic clues, and solve intricate puzzles. Each challenge is a step closer to freedom, a journey through history and resilience.

These walls have seen countless stories of courage and determination. Now, it's your turn to add a legendary escape to those tales. The sands of time are slipping; will you emerge victorious or remain trapped in history's shadows?

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