GAIA: A story told AFOOT

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In 2124 the world is an apocalyptic landscape after the cataclysmic events called “The Windfall.” Adelaide's Botanic Gardens boast an intricate network of AI-controlled maintenance systems known as “Gaia,” a digitally-preserved testament to nature’s perfection. Enter Inspector Lila Gardener, homicide detective investigating the murder of Adelaide’s great botanist: Dr. Victor Hale. Who killed Hale? How and why? What secrets lurk beneath the city’s sleek exterior? Lila is on the case, for beneath the vibrant foliage and synthetic streams, a mystery lays concealed…In this immersive, site-specific, new form of theater, you interact with your environment using our new AFOOT console.  All you need is your smartphone, a pair of headphones, and yourself in this theatrical walking tour of Adelaide.

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