Sleep's Hill Tunnel

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Explore an amazing forgotten tunnel of Adelaide. This is an exclusive opportunity to see inside Sleep's Hill Tunnel.

Follow the tracks of the old Adelaide to Melbourne rail line to discover the immersive projections and explore the history of the tunnel from the steam train era to mushroom farm years with unique time-lapse footage and phenomenal installations. 

The installations in the tunnel will feature light and projection work from various artists including:

Stephen Axford – Planet Fungi

Renowned photographer and time-lapse videography, Stephen Axford, captivates audiences with his enchanting imagery of the fungal world. Known for his keen eye in capturing the beauty of fungi, Axford's time-lapse videos spotlight the intricate details of fungi – the birth and decay of their mushrooms and the growth of their mycelium networks. They provide a unique glimpse into the lives of these little understood organisms. His work boasts a kaleidoscope of colourful forest fungi species, showcasing the rich tapestry of fungal biodiversity. His artistic presentation elevates scientific documentation to a form of visual poetry. 

Glow in the Dark Mushroom World by SA artist Clare Guerin.

The penultimate zone is a tunnel of mirrors, projections, light and music - it creates an illusion of walking through a kaleidoscope of endless patterns ... this mesmerising installation is created by Novatech. 
In the final zone of the exhibition, imagine you can catch the old steam train, travel out the tunnel and fly away over the valley looking out at euphoric views of trees and Adelaide in the distance. 
Created by Watchpost, SA. 
Filmed by Stephen de Villiers
Edited by Wilson Tran
Sound design by Fazz Farrel
Produced by Chloe Gardner

The World Beneath Our Feet was orginally commissioned by the Barbican for the Our Time on Earth Exhibition. Our time on Earth was conceived and curated by The Barbican with Guest Curator FranklinTill and Co-produced by Musée de la civilisation, Québec City, Canada.

Timelapse footage from Neil Bromhall is also featured

Thank you to the History Trust of South Australia for use of images from the State Photographic Collection, Accession No. GN12252 and GN12250


Please carefully read the venue information provided by Adelaide Fringe on how to get to Sleeps hill Tunnel.
Please do not just rely on the Google Maps search of 'Sleeps Hill Tunnel' as there are a number of destinations in the Sleeps Hill area that it may take you to. 

Please ensure you're following directions to 4 Railway Terrace, Panorama, SA 5041, knowing you can refer to the parking map provided.
Parking Map

Fire Danger Ratings
If the Fire Danger Rating for the Adelaide Metropolitan area is extreme or above on the day of the event, these sessions will be cancelled. 

As the Fire Danger Ratings are published between 4:30-5:00 pm daily during the fire season, we will aim to notify you as soon as possible after these are published for the following day. 

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