Focus On: Don't Mess With the Dummies!

Before the Dummies set up camp at Adelaide Fringe, get some top tips for survival in the jungle

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Don't Mess With The Dummies
Photo by Ben Weinstein
Published 10 Feb 2020

If you could go camping with one person, who would it be and why?

Bear Grylls, because he would be able to save me from my own mistakes. Or Batman as he would have all the gadgets that would make the camping really comfortable and sweet.

What are the items you never leave home without?

Board games, a yoyo and snacks. But snacks are the most important. Snacks make board games and yoyos better!

If you were stranded in the jungle with only one thing to eat, what would it be?

This is a silly question. It must be delicious and nutritious so the obvious answer is custard.

What are your top three tips for heading into the jungle?

1. Don’t pee into the wind.

2. Don’t leave your snacks out at night or the parents might get them.

3. Don’t get your bum too close to the fire when you are warming it unless you are a liar so you can catch your pants on fire.

What are your three favourite animals?

1. Seals

2. Drop bears

3. Griffins